About speakemoji

I personally hand-crafted these 48 speakemojis and decided to make it free so you can use it on your project both personal or commercial. Let me know if you want raw svg for all speakemoji.

This speakemoji css package is created using Grumpicon by Filament Group.

How to use

  1. Copy speakemoji folder to your working directory
  2. Put these codes before </body>
  3. <script src="speakemoji/speakemoji.js"></script>
    <noscript><link href="speakemoji.fallback.css" rel="stylesheet"></noscript>

  4. Call the class name of speakemoji you want to use. Following this format se then emoji-class-name then emoji-size.
<div class="se se-wtf se-m"></div>

Speakemoji class name

Speakemoji size options